Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Power Flip Flops

Did you ever go to work with mismatched socks? You look down at say 9 a.m. and realize that you have on a navy sock and black sock, or socks that have different patterns?

You have? Good!

I’d like to one up you. Today I came to work in my flip flops. Barely a step up from slippers. I have on a pair of crisp black trousers, a pretty green shell which peaks out below a hopefully still fashionable cropped black jacket. Instead of my very professional Anne Klein sling backs, I have on Old Navy rubber flip flops.

It is one of those rare days where my hair and makeup both look good. I like my outfit. I don't feel fat. Or pimply. I feel good. I even had time to start a load of wash before work. We have hardwood floors, so I don't put on my heels until I'm ready to leave. Since our washer is in our very unfinished basement, I put on my flip flops.

When I was walking into work with my head held high, I heard my tell-tale shoes. Oh, hell!

Here I am at 11:30 in the ladies' room at work.

NO, my pants aren't tapered, they just look that way since I'm holding my legs up. Really! I'm not that much of a mess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the laundry.

Vanessa said...

No, I have never gone to work with mismatched socks. I am anal about my socks. They have to be the same style, same stretchiness, same height on my ankle/leg, everything, or they drive me batty.
But I did get to work today and realize that my pants are brown (I always think that they are black) and I am wearing black and grey striped shoes. Oops. Oh, and sorry, but I tagged you. :) said...

Tapered? Is that bad? Shows you how long it's been since I did work.

And, several times I forgot to bring my work shoes & shuffled around in tennies.

sky girl said...

hee hee hee! Thanks for the laugh.

When I was in college I was sitting in class with my legs crossed. I remember frowning down at my foot as I tried to figure out why I would wear blue shoes with my outfit. In horror I realized that I had 1 blue shoe on and 1 black shoe. Duh!!! I felt so self conscious!

Sandy C. said...

LOL! Could be worse. The flip flops could have been yellow ;)

I walked out of my house wearing fuzzy slippers once :( But I noticed as soon as I walked outside and into a big, wet puddle!

Kathryn said...

That is too funny! hehe

Kellan said...

I had a friend that always would come to work with mismatched shoes. They were the same shoe, only one was black and one was brown and she would always grab the wrong ones. Cute post!

Take care - Kellan

Melissa said...

You are too funny. :)