Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back from a nice weekend

Finally, a nice weekend. I was so sick of damp and chilly and really sick of staying in the house. My husband, son, mom and I traveled to Syracuse for a long weekend The weather in Syracuse over the weekend was perfect and I don’t get the opportunity to say that often. They apparently have a weather phenomenon called “lake effect,” which ensures snow – and lots of it – for 90 percent of the year. We had a nice weekend to visit with my grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins.

The Baby had a particularly good time exploring a new house. A split level with THREE staircases (and no safety gates). The Baby loves to climb. He probably thought he fell asleep in his car seat Friday night and woke up in heaven. He spent the first morning making a loop around the first floor. First, he went down two steps to the family room, through the foyer, up two steps into the living room and back to the kitchen. There were stops along the way to shake floor lamps, grab candles in glass holders, try to climb the stairs to the second level, open the freezer, open the kitchen drawers. I’m getting tired just thinking about it! But he had fun. His great grandparents enjoyed his company and he was, in general, in a really good mood.

This was the first trip that I’ve made where I didn’t have to pump. No hassling with pump horns in the car, no flashing unsuspecting travelers and relatives, no hiding out every three hours to pump. Woot!

From the bottle to the sippy
Speaking of milk, The Baby is in transition again. We have eliminated his daytime bottles. He is down to one a day. He has four ounces of milk in a bottle at night to help calm him down. The only thing is, he isn’t really doing great with sippy cup. I doubt if he is getting more than 7-8 ounces of fluid a day. The doctor said that since he isn’t getting his bottle, he will make it up with the sippy cup, even if it takes a few days for the idea to resonate. It’s been a week. He doesn’t seem at all dehydrated, but it still bothers me! Anyone have advice on making the switch? Or making the sippy cup a more attractive option?


Vanessa said...

Have you tried different cups? Or ones with a straw? I know that Little Man did not like the first three cups we tried, but he really likes the cheapo plastic "take and toss" sippy cups. And this weekend he drank 8 ox of milk with a straw, and loved it. That requires more parental help though. Good luck with the transition. We just stopped giving him bottles, and he transitioned pretty well, once we found a cup he liked.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Hey.. where do you live? I'm from Western PA.

Sippy cups.. hmmm... My youngest went straight to cups without lids so it has been a while for me and sippy cups!

MommyK said...

I started both of mine on the cups without valves, because the milk seems to come out easier. My daughter abruptly quit the bottle on her own at 6 months, but it did take a good couple of weeks before she had the sippy down really well. With my son, I gave him less and less in the bottle and more and more in the cup, until he realized that the cup was the way to go. It also took a good week, at least.

And yes, i did worry that they were getting enough to eat, but it all seemed to work out fine. They figured it out! Congrats to The Baby on a big boy milestone!

Angela said...

I have the same trouble...he doesn't really like the sippy cup either (although he is getting better) and we are down to one bottle in the morning (because he is starving!!) I feel that he at least gets that one...so I am going to keep giving him that one for awhile. He likes straws...he thinks they are great. Drank a whole juice box yesterday from it. :)

Can't wait to see you soon!!

Kathryn said...

My boys went right from breastfed to a sippy cup. At first their milk intake was down a bit but it did pick up in the first month. It just takes a little bit for them to get used to it. Keep at it. And in the meantime just make sure he is getting enough calcium and protein from other sources. As long as he has enough wet diapers he is getting enough liquid.
Glad you had such a wonderful weekend too. Aren't those perfect weekends such a gift?
Now back to the grind. ;)

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

I agree with the different cups. For some reason we tried about four of them before we found one that worked well for us.

Melissa said...

Glad you had a great weekend. We are in the beginnings of the sippy cup and are on cup #2. So far, she isn't too enthused.