Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Birthday twins

After I gave birth to The Baby, my husband and I were walking the halls of the hospital (okay, I was totally hobbling) and we ran into a couple that we were acquainted with through a mutual friend. I knew she was pregnant, but I had no idea that our due dates were close. At first I was confused. Were they here visiting someone? Why was she in pajamas? Then it dawned on me, oh, she had her baby! How cool is that? Same day, too.

Before we left the hospital, we vowed that we would keep in touch and make a play date. True to our words, albeit 13 months later, we got together for a barbecue. Note to self: Don’t have barbecue get-togethers on a weeknight. There isn’t enough time to catch up, let alone do the dishes. That being said, it was really nice.

It’s true that all babies develop at their own rate. Allow me to compare our kids just to illustrate that you can’t really compare kids.

The Baby practically ran up to greet them, while The Other Baby walked with assistance. While the husbands were preparing dinner (have I mentioned how glad I am that I live in this century?), The Other Baby picked out books and actually listened as her mom read one. She discriminately chose another book and flipped through a few pages. One-hundred percent oblivious to the literary genius of Dr. Seuss, my baby was climbing the rocking chair. And then standing on the rocking chair. *sigh*

At dinner, The Other Baby ate with gusto – and a spoon! She gleefully ate everything that we ate: hamburger, hot dog, pasta salad. She used a sippy cup to perfection. If her little pinky would have been sticking out while she sipped, I would not have been surprised. She was a little lady through and through. Did she want more? Yes, she’d communicate with a nod of her head. Out of sheer desperation, we fed our kiddo applesauce. He wouldn’t touch anything else. He too had a sippy cup, but instead of swallowing his milk, he let it pour right back out of his mouth. Did he want more? No, he’d communicate by touching the spout of the sippy cup to his head and rubbing milk in his hair.

So, though they are the exact same age, they have totally different sets of skills. One baby’s large motor skills is developed more than the other. The other communicates much better (and has better table manners). But, both get bored sitting at the table, both totally loved playing in the floor-length curtains, both sat contentedly on our after-dinner walk, simultaneous squeals of joy erupted upon passing dogs, and both our kids are happy and healthy.

Did I mention they are both cute as heck? See…?


Vanessa said...

Your kid and mine, they are the same, except mine will eat (almost) anything. For some reason he doesn't like hamburgers. But he likes food. And as I read your comparison of the two kids, I was going, yep, that's Little Man. He loves his rocking chair. Not to sit in , but as a climbing object. He starts off on his knees, then he's up on his feet. Insane. So I totally feel for you.

MommyK said...

If you have another child, you'll notice those differences too. My son was really advanced with the large motor skills, but not so much with the fine motor stuff. He walked at 10 months, but didn't point or wave until after a year and didn't really start to talk until closer to 15 months. The girl, however, didn't start walking until 15 months, but she talks in sentences and feeds herself very neatly with a fork and spoon. I barely need to put a bib on her.

That's why, although I keep milestones in mind, I try not to pay too much attention to them. Because every child does their own thing and it's all totally normal.

Don Mills Diva said...

And that's all that really matters isn't it?

Maybe they'll get married one day...

Sandy C. said...

They are adorable! It's so true you can never really compare. I used to stress over things my daughter wasn't doing that other kids her age were doing. But I'm learning that in time, it all pretty much evens out eventually :)

THE MOM BOMB said...

My kids are fraternal twins and have showed TOTALLY different development, so much so that most people can't believe they're twins.

Cathy said...

I've read that babies and kids will often develop real quick in one area, then another. So like, gross motor skills (your baby) and then maybe later the fine motor skills or communication.
Did that even make sense??

ramblings and whatnot said...

i can't believe it's been 5 years since they were born... love the walk down memory lane, we are way-overdue for another playdate... thank you for posting the pic and the story!! : )