Monday, February 25, 2008

The Baby is Walking!

I am using the term "walking" lightly, but he's definitely taking steps. See for yourself:


The first steps were taken at his grandma and grandpa's house on Saturday. Grandma, as always, had out the video camera. We weren't expecting The Baby to walk. My husband was holding him up in a standing position and The Baby took three steps, much to all of our surprise and delight. AND we got it on video. What are the chances of that? The video showed The Baby from the waist up since no one was expecting him to take his first steps.

We took the video clip above yesterday. Can't you just tell that The Baby knows he's doing something special. Hehehe...

Uh-oh, we're in for a whole new round of bumps and bruises.


sky girl said...

yay Baby!

Chicka will walk if we hold her arms but isn't even close to having the balance to walk on her own yet. She's like a weeble wobble.

susiej said...

Wow!! What a catch !

ADB said...

How exciting! He looks so proud and happy!

Melissa said...

How exciting. It's great that you caught his first steps on camera.