Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weaning from a machine - is that possible??

Yesterday I had a serious case of blog block. I was feeling boring and uninteresting. It happens. BUT I found a really funny photo that I meant to post and then I started watching The Office on TBS and then I forgot, so here it is:

It’s still funny today. :-)

In response to my Friday Haiku, I can only say, “Phil, you suck.” But it’s 62 degrees out, so I forgive you.

From the Pump Room:
Confession: I’ve cut out all my work pumps. I was doing 4 pumps a day and getting 4 oz a day. I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was becoming frustrating to me. I’m trying to wean off the pump completely and, go figure, have suffered my first clogged duct and first case of cracked nipples. Now there are two words that should never, ever be strung together. OUCH. Thank goodness for lanolin (Target has a great store brand that works as good as what the hospital gave me), it’s instant relief. Anyway, I will continue writing from the pump room in my heart (lol). Since we’re soon going to be trying to make The Baby a sibling, before you know it, I’ll be right back in the real pump room and complaining about supply issues.

Anyway, the last book that I read (actually, re-read) in the pump room was “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life,” by Anne Lamott. If you enjoy writing and want to read a book that could help you along your path as a writer, this is one for your collection. The writer has a very straightforward, humorous style that makes it easy to read (good for the pump room or anyone with kids). She also, apparently, has a low-self esteem. She writes a lot about working through your demons and doubts … whether they be silencing your inner-critic or dealing with what she terms “shitty first drafts.” It’s an inspiring book by a good writer who seems real.


sky girl said...

I've seen that pic before and I can't remember where. It's funny eh?

Thanks for the book tip. I'm gonna look for that one.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

That is the funniest picture I've seen all day!!!!

Sorry about the cracked nipples/clogged duct. Those are NEVER fun. NEVER.

baby~amore' said...

hi I found you via Top Momma - I am on top momma too so I came by.
I had(have) an Ameda Purely yours too.
I like your site.It is pumped (pun intended)
I pumped for 5 months exclusively for my twin 2 (twin1 breastfed) - used hired machine for 3 months - sent it back and purchased ... then 2 months later the little guy(now my bigun)got the real thing.
The picture is very funny.
You are doing an awesome job.
Cheers Trish