Monday, February 11, 2008

Mommy and Baby Makeovers

Let me preface this by saying that my husband does nutty things when he has too much time on his hands. Things like, oh, making our little boy into a blond bombshell. But to his defense, he couldn’t find a head shot of himself or me. We have thousands of shots of The Baby. Thousands.

So, Friday afternoon I get this shot of my son dolled up like Miss Piggy in my e-mail. After causing much commotion laughing, I clicked through to and checked out the makeover section. This is some good, cheesy fun. Take or find a picture and try out hundreds of hairstyles, change the color, add highlights and lowlights and even rotate or flip the do to fit the angle of your head. Make sure you have an hour or more – it’s addicting. has something similar, but they charge a fee to use it.

Here are the results. I’m wearing Ashley Olson’s do with the color changed to auburn. LOL:

From the Pump Room in my Heart:
Speaking of ivillage, if you are exclusively pumping (or nursing and pumping), check out the Exclusively Pumping forum/message boards. I wish I had found this board sooner. I found it about a month before I hung up my horns. You can ask anything, search on past topics, and people are really nice and offer good advice and plenty of support.

Happy Monday. :-)


ADB said...

Thanks for the comment, and the congrats :)

The picture of your son is hilarious! Yours looks pretty!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! THat is too funny...I have GOT to check this out :)

Stacey said...

LOL! I love the photos!