Monday, February 4, 2008

Good weekend, cheap thrills

I had a really great weekend, but I’m not going to tell you about it. If I do I will jinx The Baby and myself. So you won’t be hearing about how The Baby’s cold has cleared up and how he’s in a great mood. He’s cruising along furniture, toys, legs, TVs, a ball (didn’t end pretty), and he even forgot that he couldn’t stand by himself and took both hands off his play table (also did not end pretty). I wish I could share how funny it is when he uses his high chair as a walker or when he gets his hand stuck in the mail slot, the goofball. Also, you’d be happy to know that The Baby is once again eating off of a spoon. Thank goodness. He’s still getting a lot of finger foods, but he’s once again accepting cereals and veggie purees. I’d also tell you that he’s starting to show his affection, but I’m afraid he’ll somehow sense me typing this and go back to his cute-but-so-aloof old self. Whenever you are really close to The Baby, he’ll lean his head into yours and smile a great-big open mouth smile. Then he’ll try to bite your face. The thing is, you can really tell he’s doing it to say, “Hey, I like you enough to take a nibble.” We call him Hannibal. He’s very sweet, but I’m keeping my mouth shut.

So I can’t tell you all that, but I do have an awesome shopping experience to share. On Friday, I was on Playgroups are No Place for Children. Jennifer reviewed the Wal-Mart generic L’Oreal Wrinkle Decrease (not that she has wrinkles, she’s too hot for that…). I’m 34 and I’m getting some apostrophes and I was very excited to see this review because I have wondered for quite awhile if this stuff really worked. I was extra excited to see that the GENERIC version got a positive review. I immediately put Wal-Mart on my list of to-dos for the weekend and bookmarked her blog as she obviously was reading my mind.

Yesterday, we dropped The Baby off at The Grandparents and were preparing to go to Wal-Mart for my wrinkle cream (don’t tell my husband that, he doesn’t see my wrinkles). Then, my husband suggested going to Marshall’s instead. Who am I to turn down a trip to Marshall’s? My apostrophes can wait. Here is what we got: men’s polo-style shirt, men’s wool sweater, women’s wool blend sweater, DKNY sweater/hoodie, cute denim blazer, Express Drew Fit Capris, a gorgeous navy TAHARI blazer, and two DKNY bras, one of which is convertible. The suggested retail price of the Tahari blazer was $250. We paid $96. Not for the blazer, but for all of it. WHEEEEEEEEEE!

Anyway, I popped back onto Jennifer’s blog this morning and was excited to see a whole othr post about cheapies! I posted a really long and drawn out comment on my favorites and there are many others. If you have a few minutes, it’s well worth the read!


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

You got some DEALS! Hope you'll like your wrinkle cream. It's especially awesome since it's so much cheaper than the name brand!

Savannah Jen said...

Hi, this is Jennifer from Savannah, Angela's friend. I just love this site! You are an incredible writer, and your words draw me in for more. My how things have changed for us all. The last time I saw you we were out and about in PA having a great time. I read that you are coming here in June! YEAH!!!!! So now that I have an 11 month old here are my issues that I'm dealing with. 1. I'm teaching high school and hate it now. Last year I loved it, but this year I'm hostile. I think it is because every second I spend at work is time away from my baby. This is causing much resentment for me, and I'm taking it out on the faculty...not so much the studnets...even though they could care less if they learn or not, I still go to work to's the other BS that is intolerable to me lately. 2. Can we make it on one salary? Can I quit? My husband says we will make it work, but I feel so guilty. 3. Do you know of any good sites or ideas for stay at hom moms to do to earn extra income and keep my mind stimulated? We are in the second half of the school year, and the time will soon come that I need to make the decision to go back next year or not. I want to get prego again ...maybe try in August. Also, I know you like to read, and a really great novel that I love is The Secret Fan by Lisa See (or Sea). I think you will like it.

Tracey said...

Oh, I love a long list with a short price tag! Good shopping!

Your blog name cracks me up. How I would have LOVED a "pump room" back in the day that I worked when my first child was a baby... I used to pump in my bosses office with her chair pushed up against the door (a lock? No locks in a small company!) and pray that nobody started banging on it. Oh, and I had a HAND EXPRESSOR. Yeah... Nobody gave me advice on stuff back then.

Sandy C. said...

OH! I saw that post, and I totally want some of that creme. Living in sunny Florida and California has been a bit unkind to my face...I need all the help I can get!

I'm running over to see what's in store now :)