Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday 13: Fads and Favs

Recently we dressed The Baby in a blue tie-die onsie. Did he ever look cute! I haven’t seen much tie-dye since its resurgence in the 90s. I just started wondering what kinds of fun fads and fashions The Baby has in store. Will he play a Pokemon-type game? obsess about something like Webkinz? (my niece and nephew love these), what clothes/brands will he HAVE to have? So many neat things to look forward to!

For now, join me on a trip down memory lane.

13 things that I loved during youth to the point of ridiculousness (in no particular order):

1. High hair – I had hair higher than the highest hair! I looked like a lion in my junior photo.

2. Peg roll – I remember a specific conversation with a friend in which we were saying that we did not care if rolling your pants went out of style, we’d do it forever!

3. 90210 – Okay, I loved it until Brenda left. Shannen Doherty was my Hollywood crush. I just wanted to be her so badly! After Brenda went to Europe to explore acting options (or whatever happened to her) I lost interest but watched until the bitter end. I also loved Claire and was bummed when she got written out.

4. Silver Spoons – I was convinced that I would marry Ricky Schroder when I was in 4th grade. Check out Ricky dancing...

5. Michael Jackson – I was convinced that I would marry Michael Jackson when I was in 5th grade.

6. Friendship pins – Oh, boy, I had sneakers full of these. I wasn’t sneaking up on anyone.

7. Biker shorts as a fashion statementt – I thought a nice boxy jacket looked great over biker shorts.

8. Chinese jump rope – I hope The Baby or The Baby’s future sister or brother likes this, cuz I want to play!

9. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls – I loved these dolls. They were so cute and smelled like a mix of new-car scent and watermellon gum. I still have them somewhere.

10. Converse All-Stars – aka: Chucks. The more angry teenage sayings markered on the canvas, the better!

11. The Love Boat – I thought the captain’s daughter was the luckiest girl in the world!

12. Sassy magazine – By the time I was in high school, I HATED Seventeen and Teen magazines and LOVED getting Sassy every month. I locked myself in my room and read it cover to cover. Sassy rocked!

13. Guess jeans – when I was in 8th grade, I wanted Guess jeans more than anything. My parents weren’t name-brand kind of people, so it took a lot of moping around to get me a pair. I peg-rolled them and wore them until they were rags.


MondaythroughSunday said...

Girl..talking about walking down memory lane!!

Greatfullivin said...

A walk down memory does not seem that long ago to me. Of course I remember saddle shoes, wool shorts, Leave it to Beaver...etc. I am a dinosauer (LOL)

Malcolm said...

I used to watch 90210 myself. It did drop off when Shannon Doherty left the show. I finally quit watching when Luke Perry called it a day. Lately, on weekend mornings I have been watching the reruns on SoapNet.

Sandy Carlson said...

I remember a lot of these. My daughter's Chinese jumprope gets a pretty good workout, so it's back in!

Journeywoman said...

Great being a child of the 80s. I LOVED Vicki on the Love Boat.

Gray Matters said...

I had forgotten about friendship pins - I loved those!

Natalie said...

What a fun list! I remember some of that stuff. LOL!

SJ Reidhead said...

At least you are hones - and a fun list.

The Pink Flamingo

Angie said...

Oh man -- I loved so many of those things! Wasn't Sassy Magazine the best?

Melissa said...

This is a great list! I remember it all. I am guilty of most of it. And....I still watch 90210 in reruns. LOL

crushedglass said...

I loved the way my strawberry shortcake doll smelled!

Sandy C. said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Is it wrong I wanted to marry Rick's father on Silver Spoons? I loved him...and my hubby kinda looks like him ;)

I loved sniffing Strawberry shortcakes too :)

Don Mills Diva said...

Oh geesh - what a trip for me too!

High hair? check. Sassy? check. Thinking I would marry Michael Jackson? Check.


Jerseygirl89 said...


I remember when I got to college and stopped rolling me jeans - my ankles felt so free.

And I loved Silver Spoons, but only when Derek (the Jason Bateman character) was on it.