Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby’s first phone call

Honestly, I thought I’d have written a post titled, “Baby’s first words!” or maybe even “Baby now in middle school!” before I wrote about my son making his first phone call. We’re not sure how he did, but The Baby managed to call one of his favorite peeps, his cousin Jacob, on Saturday.

To say that The Baby is obsessed with cell phones, would be like saying I was obsessed with my milk supply while I was still pumping. The word “Obsessed” is merely sufficient in describing The Baby’s relationship with our cell phones. The brightly lit screen, the buttons, the noises, the antenna for chewing, Fisher-Price couldn’t have created a better toy.

Talking on the phone is becoming more difficult for my husband and me – at least when The Baby is around. Now that he is older, he has no problem climbing on you and grabbing the phone. If you allow him, his smile will brighten the room, if you do not, he will scream like a feral cat alley cat until you (okay, the phone) leave his field of vision.

So anyway, on Saturday afternoon, my husband was allowing The Baby to play with his phone. As we watched HGTV, wondering how it is that other young couples (even younger!) could afford $600,000 homes, my husband heard a distant, “hello?” My son smiled his mega-watt smile and pushed a few more numbers before the phone was taken away.

Oh, weird coincidence. I just cracked open my Diet Snapple and learned this:
Real Fact #76 The average person spends about 2 years on the phone in a lifetime.

Wow… that’s a lot of gabbing.


sky girl said...

Do you have an old cell phone kicking around? I know it wouldn't have the lights but the buttons sure are cool.

Chicka is a fan of phones too. I cannot talk while she's in the vicinity.

Sandy C. said...

LOL! What is it about the real cell phones. Those Fisher PRice ones are never enough! My daughter isn't fooled with the old cell phones either :(

I think my teen years alone may have sufficiently fulfilled those 2 years gabbing!