Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caught in the act

Here is The Baby attempting to shove the remote control into the speaker:

Other things I've dug out of or caught him putting into the speaker include Legos, a spoon, several balls and my husband's keys. Had I not caught The Baby putting those keys into the speaker, who knows when we would have found them? I mean, that is the last place you'd look.

On a somewhat related note, we (by we I mean my husband) took out our surround-sound speakers. The wires ran the length of the room on either side and up the back wall to where the speakers were perched. The Baby couldn't keep his hands off those wires. Generally, he listens well when you tell him not to pull cords or touch lamps, etc. But the wires were just too much for him. Previously they were tucked neatly and inconspicuously by the quarter-round trim. In the last three months they've been ripped out of their hiding place and, what with the toys all over the place, our living room was starting to look like the before shot in "Clean Sweep."

Meh... we never used the surround sound anyway.

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