Tuesday, March 11, 2008

74 diapers later...

The Baby, poor thing, had diarrhea for eight days. Luckily, he didn’t get dehydrated. He continued to eat and drink as if nothing was wrong. That what came out of him in this time period was at least twice what went into him confounds me. Meh… some things just aren’t worth thinking about too much. He seems to be okay now. Still going more than usual, but twice a day instead of four to seven times a day. Thank goodness he was a happy pooper or it would have been a really long week! Also, thank goodness that my parents-in-law were in town, since kids with the back-door trots can’t go to daycare. Since they live nine hours away and don’t get the chance to see him often, poopy diapers weren’t issue!

I got out of Code Brown using only one sick-day and with only one up-the-back-and-out-the-diaper poop and one tub poop. I feel like a lucky woman.

One thing that I have noticed in the last 11 months (I will have a one-year-old soon!), is that The Baby has impeccably poor timing when it comes to getting sick. For the first five months we dealt with acid reflux, so he was often miserable – and who can blame him? He went from warm days floating on a cloud of amniotic fluid and hooked up to a constant supply of food to a much heavier, colder, quieter place where he gets hungry and has to work for his food. Throw in a sour stomach and projectile puking and who can blame him for being mad? Since then, it seems like every time we go visiting or host guests something happens: allergic reactions, double ear infections, upper respiratory infection, diarrhea. Sometimes I feel like my out-of-town relatives (everyone except my parents) never get to see The Baby in his true light. That’s a bummer. He really is a sweet little guy.

Here's a question, why is that The Baby is perfectly content to munch on a peice of cat kibble that he finds on the floor, but we practically have to sedate him to get that first spoonful of "big-boy" food in his mouth? Certainly meatloaf or Gerbers chicken and carrot sticks are better tasting than Friskies?!?


Vanessa said...

We seem to have the same problem... everytime someone visits us, the kid gets sick. I'm starting to think people will not be allowed to visit. And little man is certainly not going to nbe allowed to vist anyone else. My hope is that this winter ends soon, and he can go outside and play in (somewhat) fresh air and the daycar can get aired out a little bit. :)

As for the food, I am contemplating just feeding him off the floor. Really, he prefers to graze anyway. Why not just save the cleaning of the tray and put it straight on the ground.

Glad you hear your little man is feelig a bit better.

Melissa said...

Poor little guy. I'm glad to hear he is feeling better.