Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A very unsexy vent

On behalf of Larry King and Sarah Jessica Parker, could we just stop already? Do we really NEED to be giving people the title of the least sexy?

As adults, what would we do or say if our daughter or son came home upset because he or she had been voted the most unsexy person by their classmates in some lame poll? We’d be pissed. We’d throw around words like “immature” and phrases like “beauty is on the inside.” Then, apparently, some of us would log on to Maxim’s Web site or AOL Television and cast our own votes on the matter. AOL’s poll had 1.35 million voters. Granted, voters answered a lot of other questions and may have been blindsided by the least sexy question. Maxim should just be ashamed of itself. If you want to put someone on a pedestal for beauty and sexuality and hopefully talent, fine. If you want to pick on a celeb’s clothes or hair, fine, but do we have to put our heads together and single out the person that we feel is the least appealing? And broadcast it? Just because a person has a lot of money and fame doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have their feelings respected. If I was their mother, I’d be pissed. :-0

Here is some other randomness on my shit-list: Joe Francis: Ok, you were an opportunist and you made your gazillion dollars, could you move on from trying to get 16-21 year olds drunk so they do lewd things on tape that they will forever regret? A frat guy with a camera and a boner is one thing, but what your company continues to do is wrong on so many levels. The Mattress Industry: I just bought the only Vera Wang I will probably ever own (except maybe Simply Vera – thank you Kohl’s), a mattress. But shopping was tough. The stupid mattress industry names their mattresses different names at different stores in each market to make comparison shopping next to impossible. Could you imagine shopping for a car if the auto industry did the same? My achy back: I got a new mattress, what more do you want? My itchy skin: I’ve been having periods of uncontrollable insane itching with no rash – wtf?? My doctors: Call me back. I’m itching over here and need an appointment – STAT! Google reader: I’m new and I love using reader, but load already. Hillary Clinton: You “misspoke.” How do mess up a memory like that? You let me down.

SJP: Sexy in a million ways, none of which are plastic (that we know of!)


BusyDad said...

I totally agree. It's just plain mean to single people out for things they have no control over. And come on, even celebrities were kids once, and everyone has been teased at least once for their looks. It's gotta hurt. I don't care how rich or famous you are. That being said, someone really needs to start a list called "Celebrities who deserve a good ass kicking". I would have no problem with that.

MommyK said...

Joe Francis is a disgusting pig. May he have a daughter some day and see her tits splashed across the internet.

Angela said...

I just can't figure out how SJP is not considered sexy. Does anyone not watch the show??? I think she is amazing...and quite a sexy woman! I can't wait for the movie!!

Dumb boys anyway!! :)