Monday, March 3, 2008

Code Brown

On Saturday, my husband and I were watching Diagnosis X and they used the term Code Brown. Turns out that it is code for a diarrhea situation in a patient’s room. Code Brown would have worked well for us this weekend.

The Baby had the trots, poor fella. We think he’s teething. His gums are swollen and he’s a crank. We were told that we could expect tooth number nine at The Baby’s nine-month appointment, so far it’s been a no-show. Since he chews on his finger non-stop, is digging a frozen teether (usually he ignores his teethers) and he has the poops with no apparent stomach issues, we figure he’s getting some teeth.

We felt sort of helpless, among other things. We have constipation down to a “T.” The Baby is almost always constipated (cure = ½ dose of MyraLAX every three days). Loose stools? Totally clueless –– we just tried to give some Pediatlyte to replace fluids. He, of course, hates it and won’t drink the stuff, but we still try. I freeze Pedialyte in 4 oz breast milk storage bags since he uses it so infrequently.

I say we felt helpless “among other things” because I forget how trying it can be to try to comfort an infant or baby who doesn’t feel well. It was a long weekend for everyone. Lots of inconsolable crying and frustration. Can we have a do-over? :-)

The Baby is feeling better today, thank goodness. Hurry up, Friday!


Don Mills Diva said...

That doesn't sound the least bit fun. I'm definitely gonna start saying "code brown" now when the situation warrants it.

30 Minute Mommy said...

"Code brown" is going to be my new catch phrase. That is tooo funny. Love IT!