Thursday, March 6, 2008

Housework = more sex??

The AP released an article by David Crary, “Men who do housework may get more sex.” If you have a minute the article is worth a read.

Let me just take a moment to brag about my husband. He does housework – and I don’t mean he does one load of wash a week, loads the dish washer twice and thinks he’s doing half the work – he really does half the work. Dishes, cooking, vacuuming, childcare, you name it and he does it.

Poor hubby, he’s probably reading this scratching his head wondering where his extra sex is. If sex were a direct result of housework, my husband would be the happiest - or at least the most satisfied - man around. I'll have to work on that!

Honestly, I get mad when I hear about husbands who do no housework, but have time for sports and video games. The sense of entitlement really just gets me. I don't know how people can allow someone that they love to carry such a heavy burden, but I won’t dwell on it here since there is a good possibility that many of you have husbands like that.

I think that you should forward them this article. :-)


Don Mills Diva said...

My hubby does a lot of housework so I'm lucky. So is he. That is all.

Vanessa said...

Oh, too funny. Hubby read that article and said prety much the same thing, "Where's my sex?"
I really can't complain, he does a lot, more than me, for sure. The only thing he dosen't do is get up with little man in the middle of the night. And put away my laundry. I have to do that myself.

Angela said...

I have one of those husbands too. I will be sure not to share this though, because he will want to know where his extra sex is! As many of us know, after work, and three kids....we are just tired (both me and him!)

One day.....

ADB said...

Um, yeah. I definitely can't let my husband see this article. Especially since I've been PG and sick, he does about 75% of the housework and baby care. I definitely don't think he is "well compensated" enough.