Monday, November 12, 2007

Another day, another cold

Poor, Baby... he is sick again. I guess colds and daycare go along hand and hand. Of course, The Baby can't just get a cold and the sniffles, he also gets a really tight chest and trouble breathing. This means that he has to be on a nebulizer, which is a machine that sounds like a mix between a small generator and a pressure cooker. It blows medicine into The Baby's face, which then will help clear his lungs. This is cold #2 in a month. Since he got wheezy again, the doctor gave a prescription for a nebulizer rather than a loaner. He feels that this is just the way The Baby will react to run-of-the-mill colds (at least this season). We'll be able to treat him sooner and give him relief if we have the machine and the drugs on hand in the future.

I'm still waiting patiently for the electric snot-sucker that I ordered! Please get here soon. The Baby is starting to fear us. The sight of a tissue now sends him into hysterics. His poor nose is so red. Vaseline, by the way, is all you need to help the area around the nose from getting crusty and rash-y when baby gets the sniffles. I was ready to spend $8 on Auquafor, but read on my pediatrician's Web site to use petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline). I tried it out and sure enough, it worked!

On Saturday night my husband and I had a double date - yeah! Grandma and Pop-pop babysat for us. I'm sure other pumpers do this too, we add formula to his bottles to stretch the milk. He eats 6 oz at a time, so his bottles are 3-4 oz milk and 2-3 oz of formula. Well, guess who forgot the friggin' formula on Saturday? This was a sleepover night, too (we all slept at grandma's so that we would not have to wake The Baby at midnight to go home)! I had just enough milk to make 4 5-oz bottles.

I was worried and wondered if I should run home for the formula, or go to a store and get more, but I didn't. I felt sort of like I was living paycheck to paycheck -- I had no milk in the "bank," would I be screwed come Monday for daycare? But I brought my pump to pump that night and the next morning and had enough milk to get him through (plus, he had his solid food too). As it turned out The Baby began to get sick that night and didn't eat as much as he normally would have so I was glad that all he was getting was milk. It’s supposed to help prevent them from getting sick. Ummm, The Baby gets sick so much that I don't know if I believe it!!

From the Pump Room:
I only was at work for a half day today, so I only pumped once. I got all of 3.25 oz. Depressing. But, I'm not worried. The Baby's appetite is zilch and his teeth hurt, so I know even with my poor supply he's in good shape. That's bittersweet. :-/


tbonegrl said...

Just wondering if I pointed you towards the electric-nose-sucker from my post on the nest. It is fabulous!

Anne said...

I bet so... I swear, Thenest is a better source than buying tons of how-to books! I'm glad to hear it's fabulous. I was afraid of wasting $20, but the poor baby is miserable and very prone to colds!