Saturday, November 10, 2007

A little privacy please??

Well, I was busy and I missed posting yesterday. I promised myself that I would post on weekdays during lunch. I was busy on Friday. LLOOONNNGGGGG meetings. I have been blogging for a week now and I have to say that I find it slightly therapeutic—or at least fun. When I write things it’s like I get to recreate my life peppering it with a little more humor and more understanding than I actually felt the first time around.

Right now, it’s Saturday morning. I’m still in my PJs, the baby is taking a nap, and my husband is psyching himself up for the Ohio State game and fiddling with the other computer (I’m on my lap top so I’ll have to transfer this later). The Baby got up at 7 a.m. BUT he slept all night. YES! He usually gets up around 5 a.m. for a bottle and often times has a tough time getting back to sleep. We always lay him back down though. Don’t want him to get the idea that waking up and staying up at 4:30 is acceptable. Uh-ohhh… speaking of the little monster, he’s roaring to life! Oh, good, hubby is getting him. Anyway, in addition to the electric snot sucker that I ordered from Target a few days ago, I also got a Fisher-Price Waterfall Crib Soother. I am hoping this helps to settle and sooth him when he wakes at all hours. I will keep you posted.

From the pump room
This is a month-old story, but it merits telling. It’s about clueless people.

My company does large events from time to time that I help to set up and staff. I was setting up an event in a really pretty building that often hosts wedding receptions so there are several women’s bathrooms – one that has a sitting room with chairs and electric outlets. This is a wonderful switch from the handicap bathroom from which I normally pump. Anyway, I decided that I would pump before the event actually started when everything was set up but no one was there.

I put a chair with a large sign that said “Please Do NOT enter” in front of the door. My co-worker then pulled a large metal cart in front of that, just in case. When I went into the bathroom I pushed a chair in front of the door. Yes, I know, I am really weird. I fear someone walking in seeing me with my shirt up, boobs out and machine on. It would just be awkward for everyone involved.

Just when I started to relax, I heard what every pumper dreads, a rattling door handle! “Oh, shit,” I thought. I rose half way out of my chair, lost suction on my left horn, and sat back down fumbling with my bottles and blouse. I could hear my coworker rushing to the bathroom, yelling, “That bathroom is out of order, ma’am!” and the woman saying, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.” Are you kidding me?

Have a great weekend!

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Vanessa said...

People are so clueless. I was at a wedding on Friday, and I was in the brides' room feedig the baby, and people were using the brides room like it was just a regular bathroom. Not to mention that when you open the door to the brides room, the couch I was sitting on was on display for all to see. How annoying.