Friday, November 30, 2007

My bust is a bust

I’m at a weird place. I haven’t been producing much milk. Since I’ve been sick, my production is down to about 10-12 oz a day in 4-5 pump sessions. That’s about 1/3 of what The Baby drinks. My pump is also slowly biting it. Milk keeps getting backed up into one of the horns and the suction doesn’t seem as intense as it use to be. So, do I invest in new pump parts or just stop? The Baby is almost 8 months. Maybe the weekend will help production.

On a lighter note:, Awwww… The Baby has his first friend. She’s this cute little red head at daycare. I’m not going to be obnoxious and call her his little girl friend, but ... :-)

The Baby’s daycare is pretty sweet. Not only is it just three blocks from our home, making pick up for me and drop off for dad super convenient, it’s a small facility. The infants and toddlers are in one small building complete with playroom, sleep room, kitchen/craft area and an outside play yard made just for kids under the age of three. The preschool is in a separate building and features the same set up.

Anyway, the tots are just so nice to The Baby. When they sit him up in a Boppy, all the kids start bringing him toys and piling them around him. He smiles at each of the kids, but he absolutely cracks up at his little red head friend. Not only that, he actually interacts (rather than just reacts) to her. He actively tries to keep her attention if she walks away. Sheese. He barely does that with us!

You hear so many unpleasant things about daycare and I'm happy to say that I'm really pleased with the place we chose! While I've had misgivings about work (in particular, grappling over whether I should seek a job with part-time hours), I've never once questioned daycare. With the exception of all the bugs the kids are sharing, I think it's a great place and a good experience. If it were three out of five days a week it'd be even better -- at least for me. Finding a good center is so important and I feel lucky that we found one that is so ideal.

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