Friday, November 16, 2007


I ordered a Bebe electric aspirator from Target. I didn’t realize it, but this model also plays music! OMG, I can now suck out my kid’s nose peacefully to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Okay, not quite. I was actually a little disappointed. The suction just isn’t strong enough to clear The Baby’s nose any more efficiently than a manual bulb aspirator. The Baby’s cold is going away and his snot isn’t the prolific runny kind, it’s the gunky stuff -- so I’m still holding out some hope. It does work, I was just hoping for quicker results!

When I first used it on him, he was actually quite curious. As a baby, he likes things that vibrate and make noise (he’s fascinated by a electric toothbrushes, razors and that type of thing). I got the thing up his nose and he was relatively still. “Wow!” I thought. And then SHNNNNNUCK, I found a pocket of snot and The Baby went into hysterics drowning out both Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and my husband screaming from the sidelines, “Hold his hands down, hold his hands!” Speaking of my husband, he likes it. It’s a gadget-y guy thing. He actually seems to get the thing to work better than I do. I’m serious.

From the Pump Room:
This has nothing to do with pumping, but this is what I was thinking about today in the pump room. As parents, especially first-timers, we get all sorts of things that we either can’t use or we can only use for a limited time. Here are few suggestions for extending the life of some things that you have laying around.

Receiving blankets --can’t use all 500 of them? They make great dust clothes.

Lanisol--great for the dry patches on my feet. How sexy. I also got a tip from someone on The Nest that lanolin works well to soothe rashes around a baby’s mouth.

Pacifier tether --put a toy on it instead (many infant toys have rings to attach them to carseats and strollers anyway) while shopping to keep dear child occupied and from throwing it on the ground and either a) giving you the cute uh-oh face, b) screaming, or c) losing said toy. For the record, I like the uh-oh face, but only the first three times.

Boppy --The Baby sits up on his own now, but still falls over… usually backwards. We put the Boppy pillow around his hips. It’s nice because it doesn’t touch him, but it’s there if he falls over.

That’s all I can think of off hand. Anyone have anything to add --any secondary uses for electric aspirators? (just kidding)

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Peter Corless said...

How many times did you end up using the asirator?