Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Homemade Lullabies

I can’t carry a tune. Not even in a bucket. So it is no surprise that I don’t really remember any lullabies or kids’ songs to sing to The Baby. What is a surprise is that I sing to him – and often. He likes it. It calms us both down and gives us something to do.

Back in the spring, when I was still counting his age in weeks, I found myself singing Jingle Bells to him because I knew the words. One desperate day I sang 99 Bottles of Beer – the whole thing (I subbed milk for beer, natch!). He was on his back and every time I got to the part about “you take one down and pass it around...” I’d move his hips and legs in a big circle. He liked it, and when I stopped he cried.

Since then, I’ve wised up and bought a sing-a-long CD with all kinds of kid favorites. But as I write I find myself a little nostalgic for the old days (aka maternity leave) when it was just me and my buddy on the couch making songs up and hanging out.

Here are our two favorites. All can be sang to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider (it’s the one I know). If you too suffer from the inability to remember lullabies, hit print and change the name!

Song number one
Little baby Cole sat upon his mommy’s lap
On came a song and they began to clap
Off went the song – the room was quiet once more
So mom and baby Coley played upon the floor.

Little Baby Cole, played upon the floor.
Mommy fell asleep and she began to snore.
Cole kicked his legs and laughed at his good luck,
But his laughing and his playing woke his mommy up.

Song number two
I’m daddy’s little helper
Cute as cute can be.
When something needs fixin’
He can count on me.
We hammer and we saw until the job is done,
Then we put away our tools and have ourselves some fun!

Anyway, the year has finally caught up with my musical repertoire. The holiday’s are upon us. The baby and I can now sing Silent Night and not feel completely ridiculous. In less than three hours, we’re leaving for Ohio. The doctor said the trip would be fine. It’s at least eight hours, so wish me luck! The Baby is on the downside of a cold/double ear infection combination.

From The Pump Room:
I am jealous of you ladies with an office. I pump in the handicap bathroom at work because it’s the only private room and it locks. I won’t miss the disinfectant smell or the view of the sink and toilet this weekend!

I’m worried about my supply. My morning pump is down to a total of 4 oz! That used to be my biggest session – I’d get 8-10 oz. I pump 5 times a day and I’ve only been getting 15 oz a day. Every ounce counts, right? Then why do I keep obsessing over it!?

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