Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nursery Furniture Review

Here's a list of what I have and how I like it. This by no means is to say that any of these brands are better than other brands, it just happens to be what I have! I've given them ratings: 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

Storkcraft Beatrice Combo Tower in Cherry - *****
I'm very happy with this unit. I'm not a hanger of baby clothing. All of The Baby's clothes get folded and put in his dresser. Each drawer is spacious. During the summer, when clothes are a little less bulky, I am able to keep all of his current size clothing in a single drawer… all the pants/shorts, onesies, shirts, socks, sleep & plays and PJs all fit in the top drawer. SOO convenient. I organized the next sizes up in the other two drawers. Now that the weather is getting cooler and the clothing is getting bigger and bulkier, I'm using the other drawers. The tower is great! It has three shelves that fit tons of diapers, wipes, various creams, disposable pads, hats, shoes and there is still room to spare! In time, it will be a great place to store toys/books/CDs. A standard-size changing pad fits perfectly on top of the dresser. This will be a great dresser that will grow with The Baby. It will look good in his room at any age. The drawers pull out easily and the tower drawer shuts completely.

Storkcraft Rochester Crib - ***
This is a nice looking crib. The drawer on the bottom is convenient storage for sheets and blankets. There is plenty of room. The crib features a drop-down side for us short mammas. Unfortunately, it's difficult to work. I can't hold a sleepy / sleeping 20-pounder and get the rail down with one hand. Now that his crib is on a lower level it's not comfortable holding the baby as he sleeps and lowering him to the bottom. Lifting him out is also more difficult. I think that this is a fact of life for a short person. I was hoping the drop-side would help, but it doesn't look that way. Also, the drawer has fallen off of its rails twice. I have no doubt that this crib is safe to sleep in and sturdy… but it's add-on features leave something to be desired.

Rocker - ***
I have no brand on the rocker. It's a garden-variety rocking chair that cost about $90. It looks great. They are just so much more charming looking than a glider. They are also much less expensive. I did and do use it, but it's not all that comfortable. A glider really is your best bet for comfort. That being said, I could invest in a nice rocker cover, which I am sure would help, but I'll just keep that in mind for baby #2.

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