Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tooth number 9

At a recent doctor’s appointment the pediatrician warned us to get ready for four more teeth and I think she was right on! For the last three days or so, he doesn’t want to eat much and he fusses at his bottle. In fact he fusses no matter what he is doing. And bites and chews on anything he can manage to fit into his mouth, up to and including my knee cap. Poor guy. :( He is going to be seven months old in a few days and he already has eight teeth!

So, during my first pump of the day today I was thinking that he’s probably going to get a stuffy nose again. The Baby hates the snot sucker. His twisting and turning make sucking out his nose a family affair with dad wielding the aspirator like a demented doctor and me trying to hold The Baby’s head still. Each time we try I’m sure we add years of therapy to our son’s future. I also had been reading about someone else’s miserable attempts at clearing their child’s nose with a bulb aspirator and decided to see if Target or Wal-Mart carried an electric version (I can return it to larger stores if it doesn’t really work). Sure enough Target online has one. I ordered one and will post a review as soon as we get it and opportunity presents itself.

From the pump room:
I already said that I thought that I might have post partum depression. Not because I feel really sad, but because I seem to think awful thoughts. Because I have such a bad reaction to prolactin, when I pump these thoughts appear in spades. Today I finished my book and had nothing to do. I caught myself wondering why I still pump. I have complete faith that the nutritional value of formula is excellent. Certainly if anyone where in my situation and asked me about it, I’d say, “Are you nuts? Quit it already, happy momma equals happy baby.” My conclusion was that I don’t have enough self-esteem to quit providing BM for The Baby. I would beat myself up over it. I hate that I have been like this for months. I can’t seem to make any decisions without second guessing them to death. It’s awful!
Anyway, at least I get to start a new book tomorrow! That is something to look forward to. Oh, and if you haven’t read “Memoirs of Geisha,” go to the library. It’s very good.

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