Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baby Fever

A couple of things have happened recently that have given me a touch of Baby Fever. First, a dear friend of mine’s sister is pregnant. She is also in her mid-30s, which makes me feel good, as I will have Baby Number Two at the age of 35 (knock wood). She just reached the second trimester (let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief for her!).

Secondly, it snowed. Last winter I was pregnant. When it snowed, my husband and co-workers cleaned off my car. That was nice. Nicer than me cleaning it off myself like I did last week.

Things I miss about being pregnant:
1. People telling me how good I looked. Seriously, I was all baby. Being an average to cute gal, I don’t get a lot of comments on my looks and it made me feel so good!
2. People going out of their way to help me – even if I didn’t need it.
3. Curling up on the couch and reading books about how my pregnancy was going to progress. It was just such a cozy feeling.
4. The anticipation.
5. The BIG ultrasound.
6. Picking names.
7. Feeling the baby kick.
8. Watching my alien belly.
9. Watching my husband watch my alien belly!
10. Rubbing my belly.

We’re planning on trying again when The Baby is about one (that’s only 4 months!). I know that the second time around will be completely different. I will have a baby growing in me and one crawling all over me! I will be exhausted. I can’t imagine ever being ready for Baby Number Two.


jenrab said...

Oh, the nice things people do for you while pregnant. I totally miss that too...not to mention the baby kicking, the anticipation-- oh hell, your whole list.
and my first isn't even 3 months yet.

thanks for the laughs! I love coming here after I get back to my desk from my own pump room.

Isabel said...

I agree...I can't imagine being ready for #2. But once you start having babies, you can't really quit until you're done!