Monday, December 3, 2007

My Cheap-O Christmas List

The holidays seem to get more expensive every year. I went from being a swinging single in my late 20s with a very small family, to having a husband, a very large extended family and a baby. I must have missed the shopping gene that so many women have. For me, it’s a source of stress. I’m also frugal. There are 15 people on our Christmas list (that’s family only). At $50 per person, this is $750. Gulp.

Of course, we’ll be going all out for baby’s first Christmas and will exchange gifts with our families as usual, but I fantasized a way that we could spend less than $20 for our little nuclear family.

For The Baby
Empty Coke Bottle
Best. Toy. Ever. When my husband finished his soda (or pop as they say where he is from), he gave the plastic bottle to The Baby. This provided a half an hour of uninterrupted fun. Not an easy feat for an almost 8-month old! Since we didn’t keep it, we can get another, drink the Coke ourselves (bonus!), and wrap it up! Price: $1.10

Empty Butter Tub
My in-laws gave one to The Baby and it’s his new favorite toy. He likes to put things in it. Namely, his rubber ducky. It’s fun to watch them learn new skills. The downfall is that when the butter dish gets chewed on and mauled, the plastic can bend, making little sharp points. Maybe The Baby will get another butter dish from Santa for Christmas. Price: $1.89

The Baby loves to “read” the paper. It makes lots of noise and holds his attention. Beware, it’s hard to fish little pieces of newspaper out of little mouths. Especially ones that have eight teeth. Price: .50 daily, $1.75 Sunday

For Dad
A Cup
Not that kind of cup, that kind of cup. If you have a bouncy baby, no doubt your husband or significant other has gotten racked. The Baby stomped and or kicked his daddy in the privates three times on Saturday and had a near miss with grandpa on Sunday. Price: $8.99 (amazon)

For Mom
Ear Plugs
I’m not ashamed, I use them all the time. If it’s not my night to get up with The Baby a pair of drugstore ear plugs helps ensure a good night’s sleep. I need a new pair. I have a nasty ear infection and I’m afraid to use the ones I have now. Price: $3.99 (Riteaid)


Vanessa said...

Don't forget the cardboard box. DS LOVES boxes. He has one he just sits in, and sometimes we push or pull him around in it. DS's fav is diaper boxes.

Price: Free with purchase of just about anything! Size may vary.

Anne said...

I did forget that! We have a photo of DS in a pampers box that is so cute. :-)

sky girl said...

I haven't give Chicka pop bottles or margarine tubs yet! Thanks for the tip. Right now her favourite thing is the remote control and she gets ticked off that I won't give it to her. She covets it.

Our babies must be about the same age. I'll have to read your archives to see when yours was born.

Anne said...

He was born on Aug. 9, 2007. The day after Easter. He also loves the remote control and anything that has buttons, except the $10 toy cell phone I got him. He's so-so on that.