Friday, December 7, 2007

Merry Christmas, Love, Daddy

If it were up to my husband, The Baby might not get anything but Ohio State stuff for Christmas. So, what's wrong with this? For starters, we live right in the middle of Blue and White Country. I want my son to have friends. Rival football gear could send the wrong message. Plus, I went to Penn State. What about Mommy's team? (I don't really care--honest. In fact, I sorta like the Buckeyes now.)

Now, I've seen some cute baby sports stuff out there: onsies, slippers, sweat suits, blankies and Brutus plush toys. In fact, The Baby has a tracksuit and a T-shirt already. But did you know there are Baby Einstein-ish DVDs available to help your little Bucknut learn his or her numbers, letters and colors, all while fostering a love of the Ohio State Buckeyes?

My husband sent me this link this afternoon. This just cracks me up. I guess there is something new on The Baby's gift list. :-) The site doesn't always respond, so I'm including the text.
Baby Buckeye DVD

You love your kids, you love your family and you love your The Ohio State University Buckeyes! Now you can combine them all with this exciting Team Baby Entertainment DVD. Featuring Officially Licensed footage of Buckeye sports, mascot, marching band and campus attractions along with a Ohio-sized view of the sights, sound, traditions and colors of The Ohio State University, BABY BUCKEYE combines all the great things you love about OSU with all the things you want your Little Buckeye to learn numbers, letters, colors and more. Narrated by famed NCAA football analyst, Lee Corso and featuring original Team Baby Entertainment music, Baby BUCKEYE is the ideal way to introduce your love of The Ohio State University Buckeyes to the team's youngest fans. Watch together¦ cheer together¦ learn together. Raising Tomorrow's OSU Fan Today!

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KentuckyGal said...

Dig the logo, Pumpmama. With my last, I had to pump in the ladies' room at the police HQ where I worked the night shift! Tell me THAT wasn't awkward! :p

Busy_Woman said...

Just discovered your blog via blogher. Your blog title sorta speaks to me. For awhile, it seemed like my pump spoke to me! I'm glad those days are past...

I'm in Central PA, too!