Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Unrequited love

I feel bad for the baby. He loves the cat - I suspect more than he loves me. Whenever the cat comes into the room, he absolutely beams. If the cat gets anywhere near him, The Baby can hardly contain himself. He stops what he is doing, smiles from ear to ear. He is a captive audience. Once or twice the cat sniffed his face. I thought The Baby was either going to get up and applaud or fall over in a swoon. He doesn’t realize that these disinterested sniffs are the human equivalent of being snubbed.

You might imagine that we’ve got a cat who struts around the house with feline confidence, which, let’s face it, borders on arrogance. We don’t. Our cat is neurotic, the vet says so. This neuroticism is baby induced. From the day The Baby came home, the cat has slowly been licking his belly bare. He’s now working on his legs. The vet said that it’s a pretty common thing for nervous cats to do.

More Homemade Lullabies
My poor husband. I’m not being modest when I say that I can’t sing. The whole cat ordeal inspired The Baby and me to make up another song. It’s suppose to be blues-y. I’m not real sure what that means. I just belt it out in a breathy/sassy voice.

Cole loves the kitty, but the kitty don’t care,
he walks right by him with his tail in the air.
He says, “hisssssssssssssssssss.”

Cole wants to grab his fuzzy gray ears,
and that’s just what the kitty fears.
He wants to pull that tail so much,
but Mom and Dad say, “You mustn’t touch!”

From the Pump Room
Well, I’ve done it. I’m backing off. After a week of super poor production and major frustration I’ve decided to start supplementing with milk rather than with formula. I just am not producing enough to cover the majority of his liquid diet. I’m going to pump two or three times a day.


Don Mills Diva said...

zOh my son loves our cat too. He's obsessed with him. He barely talks but every morning he throws his arm around the cat and says Harow Hora (Hello Horace). Loved your song too!

Anne said...

Awwww, that's so sweet. I have a feeling The Baby's first word witll be Mo (our cat) or "uh-oh."

Vanessa said...

I may have to lift your song on this one. You see, DS feels the same way about our cats as your son feels about yours. An added benefit- one of our cats (we have three) LOVES me, and has to be near me as much as possible, even if it means being around the baby. So she tolerates him, even when he squeals, leans forward and grabs on with two little fists giving her a big slobber on her side. He LOVES the cat. He touches her whenever he gets an opportunity.