Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Eating is for babies! Or not.

The Baby has decided eating isn't for him again. Yesterday he had three and a half bottles all day. He usually has six. He’s not doing much better with solids. Daycare said he ate less than half of what he normally does. He did gobble down about two tablespoons of apples (recipe below) and oatmeal at home, but got super mad when I tried to feed him yogurt. I have my fingers crossed that he isn't gettinig sick again and that he just goes through phases.

I was happy he ate a little, but then I did something that made me feel AWFUL. I wiped his mouth, something he hates only a little less than wiping his nose, with his bib and I accidentally scratched his face with the Velcro closure! I didn’t realize what I did at first. He had braced himself against my wipe and afterward just sat there with a red face and his mouth distorted into a scream, but no sound emerged. I’m sure you parents are familiar with the soundless scream. It means they are so mad that they can’t even breathe enough to scream. When they catch their breath, watch out! About half hour later, a nice patch of brush burn appeared on The Baby’s cheek to remind me that I am a mean, vicious woman.

On an only-somewhat related note, if you ever ask your husband to get apples and he returns with an entire tote of them, here is a simple baked apple recipe that works for you and for the baby!

“Baked” apples
Peel and core apples (however many you want)
Chop and put in microwave-safe bowl
Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon
Add a half-inch of water

Microwave for 5 minutes. Put all in the blender or food processor and puree. Freeze in icecube trays and pop the cubes into a freezer bag. It was so good that I used the rest of the apples to make the same thing for us – just don’t add water and during the last minute of cooking crumble some low-fat graham crackers on top and dot with a tiny bit of butter. It’s very dessert-y but super good for you!

From the Pump Room:
I pump in a handicap bathroom, which is a single bathroom. It’s small but private. People seldom use it. Just pumpers and dumpers. Dumpers are the folks who don’t want to poop in the public bathrooms where others can hear them, so they go to the handicap bathroom. The pumpers are left with the smell (hey, thanks!). When someone wants to use this bathroom (aka The Pump Room), they are almost always able to. When they are not, they will rattle the door handle in disbelief for 10 seconds, wait two seconds, and try again. Do they think their hand is just playing tricks on them? It gives me a panic attack every time.

One time I walked in on some guy getting dressed. Apparently it functions as a dressing room too. This is how seldom people use this bathroom. Naked Man didn’t even bother locking the door. Okay, he wasn’t naked. He was, lucky for us both, just buttoning his shirt. I felt like a real jerk, though. Should I have knocked? Is this sexual harassment? (especially since I just stood there), who is he anyway? I take no chances in the pump room. I check and re-check the door. I’ve been known to scamper across the bathroom, boobs out, just to eyeball the lock to make sure it’s flush with the handle and really locked.

This post was totally inspired by a post on There are others out there who pump in bathroom stalls, get shy boobs and are equally as paranoid as me. Yippee!


MommyK said...

I love the name of this blog! My pumping days are behind me (for now), but I always hung a sign on the door at work that said "Milking Parlor. Please Knock."

Neither of my kids will eat jar applesauce, but they love my homemade version!

Anne said...

Thank you! I wonder what the folks on the third floor would do if I hung that sign on the door? Tee-hee. I work at a newspaper and the "pump room" is right off the Sports Department! :-)

BessieTheCow said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed SO hard at this post. While I have my own office to pump in, the door doesn't have a lock. I am SUPER paranoid all the time that someone is going to walk in. I work in a small office with mostly men and they are deathly afraid of the "closed office door". I've only had one problem once and that was when our CEO walked in on me... he hasn't done it since! I love this blog... it totally speaks to me.