Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pregnancy isn’t all bellies, booties and bows

Okay, yesterday’s post got me thinking. It’s easy to remember all the good things, and every now and then I still feel a phantom kick, but the truth is I’m worried - more worried about my second than my first for several reasons.

First, I’m 34, so I’ll either be just pregnant or not-yet pregnant when I turn the big 3-5.
I already hate the fact that when I fill out surveys I’m no longer in the YOUNG bubble. My #2 pencil or cursor always gravitates towards the 26-32 age group and then I remember, gasp! I’m 34! In obstetrical years, I probably could join AARP. Thirty-five is the year that they start warning you about scary things related to “advanced” maternal age. Actually, my gynecologist said he never says anything until 36. Bless his heart. If we start trying in April and I don’t get pregnant until October and I turn 35 in July, well, you do the math.

The second reason is purely emotional. My heart breaks when I think that The Baby won’t be getting all of my attention. I get a mental picture of The Baby wanting to be held and me having to look after a needy infant. I don’t ever want him to feel ignored or like he’s second best. The thought makes me tear up. He’ll be so little. He won’t understand. I know, he’ll get over it, but it still breaks my heart.

Just for fun here are some things that I DON’T miss about being pregnant:
1. Worrying about having a miscarriage. The first 14 weeks of my pregnancy were the longest weeks of my life.
2. Feeling like I’m hung over for 10 weeks. Ugghh…
3. Doctor’s appointments.
4. Peeing. All. The. Time.
5. Wearing a min-pad for 9 months straight.
6. Kicking in the ribs. Ouch!
7. A sore lower back. Oh, wait. That never went away.
8. Elastic pants.
9. Ridiculously low-cut maternity shirts. Who designs them like that, anyway?
10. Feeling like Fudgie the Whale.

From the Pump Room:
My plan was to stop pumping daily when The Baby started eating three meals a day and began dropping bottles from his diet. I figured that I’d send a can of formula to daycare and nurse him in the morning and at night. When he decided to have six teeth at 5 months old (he cut his first four at 4 months), I stopped breast feeding all together. I read all the advice on teething and breast feeding and frankly, it just didn’t work for such a young infant. He didn’t understand that he was biting and I doubt if he was able to make a connection between biting and me pulling him off the nipple. One of the first times he laughed out loud was when I pulled him off the nipple and sternly said, “No!”

So anyway, since I got sick my supply has been crap, so I reasoned that it’s okay to just pump two times a day since that is how often I was going to be nursing The Baby at this point anyway. I figured that I’d get a 4 oz bottle per breast per pump since there would be so much time in between pumps.

WRONG! If you want to kill your supply quickly start pumping twice a day. I’m going back to at least four pumps a day. Blah.


MommyK said...

I loved my pregnant belly too. And I worried about number one having enough attention, but it turned out that baby two was the one who didn't get my full attention. Who has the time to just sit and count their toes when you have a two year old?

Isabel said...

Awwww....pumping at work. Memories.

Amanda said...

I used to cry thinking that I couldn't possibly love another as much and that Zack wouldn't get all the attention that he got before #2 came along. I can honestly tell you - it all works out and you wonder what it was that you were worrying about. Both of my children are adored and get tons of attention!

Rumour Miller said...

I had no supply whatsoever, ever. We tried nursing and it wasn't in the cards for us... I pumped every three hours for 2 weeks and got nothing... kudos to you!

ps: thanks for stopping by!