Monday, December 17, 2007

Nifty gifts for pumping moms

If you're pumping, give a gift to yourself - better yet forward this to your hubby or significant other.

Nursing Necklaces
What a cool idea! The Baby is always grabbing at my face and hair, whether he’s having a bottle or being rocked to sleep. These necklaces give something for your baby to play with. You can also customize the length and make special requests and there are dozens of fashionable options. The prices range from $17-$43 per necklace. Not bad! Note: these are for baby to tug NOT chew.

Pump Gear
Pump Juice, Proud Pumping Mama, Juiced, Exclusively Pumping... share your pumping pride! According to the Web site, 100% of proceeds from this particular Cafepress vendor's items sold through January benefit the Mother's Milk Bank of Ohio. Awesome!
Coffee Mug
What pumpin' Mama wouldn't love this? It says, "Moms Milk Express. Fresh Milk, Bottled with Love. Making Deliveries Every 3 Hours." Every 3 hours? Ummmm... yea... The Milk Memos
This book was recommended to me by a woman on I haven't read it yet, but plan to. It has a 5-star review on Amazon - you can't beat that!

Hell, yea! You need some bling to go with all of that liquid gold!

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