Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Friday Night

At 3:30 p.m., I was sitting in The Pump Room writing. I don’t have a laptop at work, so I freehand write many of my blog entries. My topic was pretty much, “woe-is-me, it’s another weekend and what do I have to look forward to,” and a bunch of other sorry crap you just don’t even want to hear. Basically, as a couple, our lives have changed. We knew it would when we had The Baby, I mean, duh. We are in our 30s and had more than our share of nightlife as singles and as a couple, but sometimes it’s hard to let go. I miss going to dinner, happy hour, movies, gallery opens, unhurried love, all the things that use to typify Friday night. I miss my husband.

As I was writing and feeling depressed, and feeling guilty for feeling depressed, something funny happened. I remembered that it was bath night! Until about two weeks ago, The Baby got his bath in the sink. It’s just easier, especially for a shorty like me. My mother in law recently got me a bathing kneeler for the tub (SafetyFirst, it works great!), so The Baby has graduated to the tub. It’s soooo cute and so much more fun. I love watching him splash and crawl after his rubber ducky. The cat does, too – he’s obsessed with water. The cat stands on his hind legs propped up against the tub watching. I swear he is thinking, “Okay, I’m going to jump in …. NOW! No, wait…. NOW!” and he just keeps chickening out. Whenever The Baby gets near him while he is in the tub, the cat licks the water off of him. This delights The Baby to no end. It’s the only time the cat pays quality attention to him.

So, it turns out I do have something to look forward to that doesn’t start with laun and end with dry. Yeah! Have a nice weekend.

From The Pump Room
My effing tube has a hole in it! As I did my final pump last night I could feel a breeze emanating from my flange. GAHHHHH! I had to order a new tubing kit last night and tape up the one I have. Scotch tape has so many applications. :-)

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ADB said...

Hi - thanks for your comment on my blog! You said you could have written my post - well, I could have written this post! The first half anyway, since DD hasn't graduated to the big tub yet (I'm definitely going to get one of those kneeler things though!). Weekends just aren't the same anymore - they're mostly just time for errands and cleaning and other stuff I don't have time for during the week. I enjoy having the extra time with DD, but still - is it totally wrong that I sometimes wish we had a weekend the way they used to be?