Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby boy clothes

I don’t mean to complain, I really don’t, but boys get the shaft in the clothing department. I don’t care if they are 2 or 70, boys and men just don’t have the same variety in clothing, not in color or style. Little girls in 12- and 18-month clothes (my 9 month old is fast approaching 18 months in size) have a whole variety of primary and pastel-colored clothes to choose from. My problem isn’t so much with the tops. The Baby has a variety of onsies and shirts, though if he got something once in a while without a ball, car or dinosaur on it I’d be happy. The bottoms are the problem. My kid has 10 pairs of pants in varying shades of blue. He also has heather gray sweat pants that match nothing, make him look 5 years older and 10 pounds heavier than he is, but end up in the rotation for the sake of variety. If I see black, brown or olive pants at a decent price, I’m on it! Since he’s been over the size of 6 months, it’s been a challenge.

My husband, bless his heart, gets The Baby ready every weekday and takes him to daycare. Though I no longer do a morning pump, we had factored that in with having to style my hair, put on makeup and shave 80% of my body and figured he just had more time in the morning. I usually try to lay out his clothes the night before so that The Baby matches I feel helpful.

One thing that I’ve learned to do, is buy 5-packs of Gerber’s plain white long-sleeve onsies. They match everything. It makes mornings easier for everyone involved. I leave a pair at daycare and pack one in the diaper bag for emergencies. Now that The Baby is doing more than laying around drinking all day, they get a little messy looking. I still love them. Plus, The Baby looks great in white: like an angel, with scratches and bruises. Another great match-anything item would be jeans, but Daddy refuses. They are too hard to pull over The Baby’s ample hips. Since Daddy dresses, Daddy decides. I’m just saying.

Anyway, I had to laugh when I saw The Baby this morning. He had on a green plaid shirt and olive-drab sweat pants. The greens didn’t really match, but it’s the closest match that we can get for the shirt, except jeans, of course, but that’s not what struck me funny. All I could think of was the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine and Puddy were on a plane on either side of a guy in a green plaid shirt and she was referring to him as Vegetable Lasagna. From what I have learned since, she was calling him that because that’s what he was eating. I always thought it was a barb at his shirt, so that’s what I associate green plaid with. Tee-hee.

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Meritt said...

Just had to laugh. My baby "boy" is now 15 years old and I remember complaining back THEN about the choices in boy clothes.

I really think they have some awesome choices today verses the ones they had back then. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) had a lion or a sailboat on the darn thing. LOL.