Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nine Month Checkup

The Baby’s nine-month check up is today, even though he’s just a week shy of being 10 months old. I always feel a little nervous about these appointments. Will they find something wrong? Will they wonder why I didn’t make an appointment for the cold he has? Will they start to notice that he’s in for sick visits every other week and think that I’m just a worry wart? Will they roll their eyes if I express concern over vaccines? Will they see the bruises on his knees and wonder if we watch him closely enough? Will they think I’m making up that he doesn’t eat a lot since he is gaining weight?

As you can see, I am indeed a worry wart. I’m constantly thinking that people won’t take what I say or ask seriously. I second guess myself. It’s awful. I hope The Baby gets his dad’s optimism and positive attitude. Spending your life waiting for the ball to drop can be somewhat exhausting. Thank goodness I have my husband to balance me out. Anyway, fingers crossed that all goes well today!

By the way, I totally think I jinxed myself a few weeks ago when I commented that I didn’t expect The Baby to go from purees to eating steak and potatoes. That’s exactly what he’s done. He refuses baby cereals and all pureed food – homemade, stage 1, 2, 3, it doesn’t matter. He’s had it with the spoon, unless, of course, it’s yogurt on the spoon – YoBaby = baby crack. He will, however, eat off of a fork. Sometimes I think he's just messing with me.

The Baby only tolerates real people food these days. Last night he had a small chunk of potato, a half of a baby carrot (if that) and about three bites of kielbasa (and two oz of yogurt). He loves meatloaf and chicken and tolerates green beans well. I worry that he doesn't get enough. Considering how small we must chop his food, and how time consuming it is for him to feed himself, a meal might only be two green beans and a few shreds of chicken. It just doesn’t add up to much.

Cute Alert: The Baby has learned to give me five. Hehehehe.

Cute Alert II: While reading someone’s Blogger profile, my hubby pointed out a spelling mistake. I had to tell what WAHM was.

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