Monday, January 14, 2008

Good eats for you and baby

The Baby in 9 months old and is starting to eat “regular” food, which I pick apart into minuscule pieces because I am afraid he will choke. On Saturday he ate his first “regular” meal with us. It would have been a picture-perfect moment had we been gathered around the dining room table. We were eating in front of the TV. I know, I know. At least The Baby wasn’t watching TV. He was busy cruising along the coffee table. Whenever he cruised by I'd pop a piece of food into his mouth. It was probably pretty white trash, but whatever.

We had macaroni and cheese (homemade, but left over) and chicken avocado salad. Avocado is perfect for babies and not-quite tots. It's soft, good for you and at once both flavorful and bland (is that possible?). Here’s a recipe, courtesy of my brother's wife Bibi, that is great to make for you and serve to your little one.

Chicken Avocado Salad
(Servings: 2 and a half)

2 boiled and shredded chicken breasts (or ¾ package of Purdue Selects or other pre-packaged cooked chicken breast strips)
1 ripe avocado (firm, but you should be able to press into it)
Grape tomatoes (I use about a dozen)
Fresh cilantro leaves to taste
Grown ups only: 1 sliced jalapeno pepper

Shred or cube chicken, cube avocado, slice tomatoes in half, add cilantro (if you have it-we had none on Saturday) and mix together. The oil in the avocado acts as a binder for everything so there is no need for mayonnaise. This is yummy made with hot or cold chicken. It's great on toast, on a bed of greens or in a wrap. Plus, it’s EASY. I tore up pieces of chicken coated with avocado for The Baby. He dug it.

Here's the recipe for Great Mac and Cheese. It’s sooo good and, if you don't do the onions, it's just as easy as Easy Mac.

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