Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pumpin’ Pal

“I’m into nuggets, ya'll… I’m into nuggets, ya'll…
Ketchup and may-o! Ketchup and may-o!”

I can’t get that McDonalds commercial out of my head. Agggggggggghhhhhhhhhh.

From the Pump Room
I’ve been pumping for 9 months now and, at this point, I don’t plan to buy anything to make things easier or to increase my supply. If I were to buy something, however, this product might be it. Pumpin’ Pal has flange inserts called Super Shields that make it easier to pump in a semi-reclined position. Perhaps an even bigger reason to consider this product is that it is available in three sizes. Flange fit effects supply. Your entire nipple should not touch the sides as it is being suctioned, nor should your entire boob be pulled in. At only $12.95, it is less then you’d pay for custom flanges from the manufacturer.

Pumpin’ Pal also makes a hands-free pumping strap that sells for a $9.95. I simply put my pump on and close my nursing bra around it for hands-free pumping. It works great, it’s free and it’s one less thing to take to work. To do this you need a nursing bra with cups that don’t fully cover your breasts. There will be no room for the pump horns if they do. In other words, those ugly uni-boob nursing bras won’t work – trust me, I have one. Target sells nursing bras for around $14 with cups that don’t go up to your collar bone.

Anyway, I justed wanted to pass this on to anyone who might find it helpful. There are good testimonials on the site and I was impressed that they didn't charge an arm and a leg for their products. Hands-free pumping bras can cost up to $35. Medela has a kit for $10.95, but it says it works with only Medela nursing bras and pumps.

Confession : I've been slacking with the pumping.


Vanessa said...

I seriously considered getting the pumpin pals horns early on (not seriously enough to pony up the cc info though) I thought they would be super for the car. And maybe a bit more low profile than the standard ones.
AS for the hands free pumping bra, I have a Medela pump, and I bought a couple of 4.99 cheapo sports bras and just put holes in the necesary places. Cheap, easy, available at wal-mart.

MommyK said...

Before my second baby was born, I swore I wouldn't wear those hideous uniboob bras again! The Liz Lange bra I bought at Target was very pretty and a lot more functional. However, after close to a year, it's pretty much shot, but I don't feel guilty about tossing it since it was cheap.