Thursday, January 31, 2008

Call already!

The Baby’s 9-month appointment was yesterday. It went well for the most part. He’s developing normally and has reached all the milestones expected of a 9-month old. He did, however, have low hemoglobin, which means he could be anemic. I don’t know because I’m still waiting for the test results. I HATE WAITING!! Actually, I’m a pretty patient person, but things have been slow at work and I’m sitting around worrying. And I keep Googling things.


The doctor did say that his hemoglobin could be low because he is fighting a cold (Who, The Baby? Sick? Nah!). Hopefully that is just the problem. At least one benefit of my milk supply tanking is that formula is rich in iron, so The Baby is really benefiting from that now. I told the doctor that he’s been getting plenty (more than three quarters) of his liquid diet from formula for the last two weeks and he said it could take longer than that for dietary changes to take effect.

Thursday 13… things I’m sooo ready for:
1. Warm weather. I hate bundling up.
2. Vacation (Savannah, GA and Tybee Island in June – woot!)
3. Friday (tomorrow – yeah!)
4. Mental stimulation (my job description changed from creative to boring)
5. A new wardrobe. Not that I’m going to buy one, but everything I have is so blah.
6. Working out. Did I say that?! I miss riding my bike and doing my Firm DVD. It’s too cold for the first and hard to find time to do the second. I’m lazy in the morning and don’t want to work out after 8:30 p.m.
7. Dinner. I’m hungry and it’s only 4 p.m. Crap. I didn’t pull anything from the freezer.
8. The Baby’s bath… it’s bath night! He just loves playing in the tub and I love watching him!
9. A weekday off of work. And being sick or having a sick child doesn’t count! I would love to take a day off and go shopping. Just me. I would eat junk food and Starbucks all day.
10. A new president. I’m so sick of all the candidate bashing and it’s just the f-ing primaries!
11. The Baby to say, “mama”
12. Or “dada”
13. The doctor to call with the lab results of The Baby’s test.


Sandy C. said...

Amen to #1!!!!!! I'm starting to hate winter, with a passion.

I hope his hemoglobin comes back up and his tests are normal. Good luck with the results tomorrow!

Angel said...

Since I live in #2....#1 seems like light years away!!! ;)

oh....and...I want the baby to say mama...NOT when he is upset :(

Oh, and one more....I am SOOOOOO ready for a new president~

Love ya