Monday, January 28, 2008

OMG, U2 3-D was awesome!

If you live near an Imax theater I recommend it highly! It was very much like being at a concert; people at the movie were even cheering and singing like they were there. My husband thought it was like being a fly, buzzing around the band and through the audience. That’s pretty accurate. It’s neat being on the stage. You see all their hidden drinks, instruments, props, cheats sheets taped to the floor, even roadies. The only complaint that I could find is that sometimes I wish the camera would have slowed down for a little bit and focused longer on a member of the band. Just when you were getting into watching The Edge, they switched over to Bono. Also, when did Adam Clayton become so good-looking? He’s one of those people that actually look better with age.

Anyway, it was so nice to go out for a while. We’ve been to a few parties and on some dates, but we always take The Baby to my parent’s house. Just a couple weeks ago we went to a party. It entailed packing up The Baby, his crib, his clothes, milk, food, my pump and stuff for us to spend the night (so we don’t have to wake The Baby and drive home after 11 p.m.). It was literally like packing for a weekend away to get out for 3.5 hours. On Friday my parents came over to our house, it was so much easier. We just left and had fun. It’s still nice to have my parents close by and available.

From the Pump Room:
Here’s a good interview the authors of The Milk Memos. Just click on "Enter Salon" in the upper right corner.

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Shelly said...

My hubby and I are big fans of U-2 and he just said to me the other day about going to see the 3-D thing. Thanks for your positive review on it! Shelly