Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Baby has the stomach flu

In keeping with our every-other-week routine, The Baby went to the doctor’s yesterday. He’s seems fine, except he pukes (copious amounts of vomit) one to two times per day. He got X-Rays of his belly to make sure it wasn’t related to constipation. In addition to not eating well, The Baby doesn’t poop well either. Normally, we give him 2 oz of pear juice in a bottle daily (he doesn’t like it straight) and that keeps things moving, but lately he isn’t drinking enough at one time to “hide” the juice. The doctor thought he might be impacted, hence the X-Ray, but he’s not. She said it must be the flu that’s going around, even though he doesn’t have diarrhea or seem ill. I’ve never heard of a flu that makes you vomit only once a day and where you can be happy otherwise. For the next few days we aren’t suppose to give him a lot of milk or food, mostly Pedialyte (he isn’t dehydrated, but they’re the experts). I can’t imagine he’ll drink the Pedialyte, but we’ll try! The doctor also told us we could use a half dose of Miralax in a bottle for constipation. She said it is good for long-term use.

Hopefully he’ll straighten out by the weekend. Until then, I’m going to wear a rain poncho and put a tarp on the floor.

Here are three things that I totally misunderstood recently. The first two things I read wrong. The third, I heard wrong.

The Idiot Rod (Iditarod)
#1 Fat Head (#1 Father)
“Barchjor” (My husband was saying this they other day, and I kept saying, “excuse me?” I still don’t know what he was saying. He was getting frustrated so I faked it. :-/ )

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Vanessa said...

Ahh, the stomach flu. My current pain the the rear. little man was up for two hours last night (maybe a little longer.) That was just long enough the vomit all over Daddy, then get a bath, fall back asleep for a little while, then wake up, eat a little, fall back asleep, and wake up vomiting again 15 minutes later, this time all over mommy. Then we bundled him up and sat on the couch with him for a while, where one last time he vomited on daddy. Yay. How does so much goo come out of one little tiny person? I hope your little man is feeling better soon!